How To Choose The Right Law Schools To Apply To

Posted by on Jul 6, 2015 in Law Posts

You’ve decided that law school is your next step. But, there are approximately 200 accredited law schools in the US. How do you choose which schools to apply to? Many applicants want to apply to only the top schools, as ranked by US News and World Report rankings or a similar organization. The methodology of […]

Making the Most out of your College Internship

Make Connections As a current college student, the thought of proactively reaching out to seasoned professionals can be daunting. However, so much of professional success isn’t about your credentials or even your experience- it’s who you know. Comb through the profiles of colleagues on LinkedIn and internal websites to learn more about the people who […]

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Friends Advice

Posted by on Jun 16, 2015 in Business Posts, Graduate School, University Posts

Top 5 reasons why you don’t want to get advice from your friends during the admissions process.

Making the Most of Your Summer – Before Senior Year

Posted by on Jun 11, 2015 in University Posts

The summer is finally here. Time to kick back and relax before the final push of your high school career, right? Unfortunately, I think this notion was generated in the same rumor mill that would have you believe that senior year is a time to coast. The reality is that if you are applying to […]

Gear Up For Freshman Year: 5 Steps to Making Your First Year, the Best Year

It’s time for all of you graduating seniors to get excited! You’ve made it through the piles of homework, dreadful standardized testing, and stressful applications. You’re in, high school’s over but…now what? After months of hard work, it’s time to chill, relax, and spend those last few weeks hanging out with the “nobodies” in your […]

Trip to HEC Paris

Posted by on Jun 1, 2015 in University Posts

As my taxi navigates the wide and bustling street of Paris and the taxi driver mumbled that he hoped I had enough Euros, I quickly realized that my trip from the Rue de Castiglione to HEC Paris would be no ordinary trip. It wasn’t. 45 minutes and thousands of stooping trees later, my driver turned […]

Columbia GSB 2015-2016 Essay Review

Posted by on Apr 27, 2015 in Business School, MBA Essay Writing Analysis

Let’s get the MBA application season kicked off with Columbia Graduate School of Business– April is early Columbia, I was still on vacation!  Well, back to work and with Columbia kicking off the season due, in large part, to its January cohort, it’s time to sharpen the pencils for another MBA application season.  Not much […]

Should I re-take the GMAT

Posted by on Apr 12, 2015 in Business School

Not sure if you should re-take your GMAT or GRE? Here are some things to consider as you’re making your decision.

G.P.A. is the real differentiator for MBA admissions

Now that I have your attention, it’s not Grade Point Average, silly, it’s G.P.A: Great Impact, Persistence and Aptitude that are real differentiators for MBA admissions. Great Impact OK, I admit it – I took the easy way out and cheated on my “G”. Hiding “impact” behind “great” was kind of like choosing Kentucky in […]

Top 5 things admissions directors are looking for

Find out the top 5 things admissions directors from top schools are looking for.