Applying under a tight time frame

Posted by on Dec 22, 2015 in Business Posts, Graduate School, Law Posts

In our last blog, we discussed some factors in making the decision to apply to graduate school: go vs. no-go for this application season.  If you decided to move forward – kudos to you!  Hopefully you’d have put enough thought into the decision, including listing the pros/cons with the least amount of emotional clutter getting in […]

To apply or not to apply….that is the question

As the end of each calendar year approaches, we tend to get the panicky calls, emails and texts (how did you even get my number..?) from applicants who are not sure if now is the right time to apply.  For college applicants, the decision is much easier – if you’ve spent the right amount of […]

How to choose the right law schools to apply to

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You’ve decided that law school is your next step.  But, there are approximately 200 accredited law schools in the US.  How do you choose which schools to apply to? Many applicants want to apply to only the top schools, as ranked by US News and World Report rankings or a similar organization.  The methodology of […]

MBA Program Highlight: Yale SOM

(Photo: Yale SOM’s Edward P. Evans Hall. Source:   Happy Wednesday! We just attended Yale School of Management’s admissions webinar. If you are looking for a top business program with a well-grounded academic approach, strong global connections, and inclusive & supportive learning environment, you might want to check out some of these key aspects […]

Round 2 MBA deadlines – it’s a race to the finish!

Round 2 MBA deadlines – it’s a race to the finish!

Round 2 MBA deadlines are fast approaching. Check out a few tips to make the most of the tight window.

How to Survive the Application Process… As A Parent

His face was alight with the joy of life. Not a care in the world, he would always greet me, arms open, beaming, “I love you, Mom. Good morning. I trust you slept well.” Anything I needed, from the floors being mopped to cleaning out the refrigerator, done without pestering or even a request. But […]

Legacy Admission: An Unfair Advantage?

As states continue to evaluate preferential treatment for any particular group of students, one designation that has remained a relatively protected class is that of legacy admits. And I don’t think there’s any reason to believe that this will change any time in the near future, and here’s why: Family Connection I’m sure you’re familiar […]

The Teenage Brain

I recently read an interesting article in National Geographic entitled “The Teenage Brain.” Bet I’ve got your attention now, huh? Not surprisingly, the article’s findings substantiated recent scientific claims that the brains of teenagers are, in fact, quite different from those of adults. Certain connections are lacking; certain areas not completely developed. The novel approach […]

Making the Most out of College Rankings

Every year eager college prospects, parents, and folks in admissions alike clamor for various reports on college rankings. With our insatiable need for statistics and superficial information overload, we review the lists for validation (Yes, our ivy-covered towers are still standing strong!), redemption (Fingers crossed, please let our ranking improve from last year’s abysmal standing!), […]

Application Do’s and Dont’s

Application season is full swing. Here are some tips to help you successfully navigate the college application process: Do… Start Early Before things get too hectic with senior year, use the end of the summer and the start of the school year to finalize your school selections, create your Common Application account and school-specific accounts, […]