Homebound from Toronto

Homebound from Toronto

Saturday, we had a great event with The MBA Tour in Toronto.  Big “thank you’s” to the good people over there including Maureen, Graham and Kevin who helped us with the set-up of our table.  Importantly, November 8th also marked the release of Admit.me beta in a public venue.    All I can say is “Yes!!!” as we got a lot of encouragement on the new platform and head nods when we spoke about it being a way for anyone to get value and support as they begin this journey for higher education.

Though I hate being away from my family on these kinds of trips, I’m so energized by the fighting spirit of people pushing themselves to improve their lives.  These current and future applicants, stretching themselves in a quest for improvement, chasing their goals, and pulling themselves and their families up, is an intoxicating potion to drink.  To play a small role in this pursuit is a dream fulfilled for Team Admit.me and reward for years of us trying to get to this point.   I always think about the number of people and families we have touched and feel amazed to be part of their lives.   Just about every team member has expressed this sentiment to me at some point which confirms we have the right folks.

40+ years ago, some Ghanaian immigrants left their homes to carve their path in a foreign world.  Precocious teenagers, their motivation to achieve their dreams and destiny subdued trepidation on entering a continent in transition with its own conflicts and battles.   Toronto embraced these brave youth and gave them a platform to cultivate their skills and test their mettle to achieve.  Years later, an MD and PhD were hatched with an eventual march to stellar careers in nephrology and NASA, respectively.   University of Toronto inspired and connected these youth who married and hatched some kids including this author born in this incredible city.

We are building Admit.me to offer another generation to chase their destiny as they connect and maximize their own opportunities starting with a great education.   That’s our intention and your spirit has inspired us to do it.   We look forward to walking with you on your journey.

Pretty regularly, we’ll be using this area to let you know about new updates to Admit.me.  Most of those ideas will come from you, so please keep them coming.  And, we’ll be sharing our thoughts what we’re doing and where our thoughts are.  We see you online!




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