Admissions Tuesday Tip: Take Inventory of your Assets

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Tuesday Tip: Take Inventory of your Assets


It’s critical to take inventory of your application strengths, so you can begin to build your differentiated application brand.

Taking inventory of your application assets is a critical application step.  When you go through this process, you will have a clear understanding of how you will position your application brand.  If you don’t have a clear sense for your application assets, it may be a clear indication that you may want to build your profile before applying to graduate school.

Full Tip:

Hello everyone, Eric Allen here with today’s Tuesday Tip: inventory your assets. What does that mean? It means to organize your strengths the things that you do really really well, make sure you have those together ready for the admissions committee to build your brand which we’ll talk about here in the future. You want to make it easy on the admissions committee to know exactly what you bring to the table. What makes you a differentiated candidate. What your strengths are, and how you’ve demonstrated those strengths. Make sure you gather your stories together of how you demonstrate these assets. So don’t just say I’m very strategic, don’t just say I’m entrepreneurial or I’m analytical. They have to be backed by actual stories, where you’ve demonstrated that so it’s not just about your assets, like here are the character traits that make me who I am and what makes me differentiated. It’s about having examples that support those character traits and that is the critical part of inventorying your assets.

Make sure you use examples from everywhere, not just in your work experience. Sure it’s great to have some strong work experience examples where you can talk about some of these skills that I mention where you’ve demonstrated that in a work environment, but maybe you’ve also demonstrated it in an academic environment. Things like resilience, I’m obviously analytical and areas like that. In a personal environment, maybe you’ve overcome something very challenging in your life, a sickness or illness. There are so many things that you can maybe talk about that are part of your story, so don’t leave your story short by just focusing on one particular area. Try to bring in the assets from your personal professional as well as community service involvement. Do those things and you’ll be well on your way to application success.

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