How to Write a Personal Statement for Law School

Posted by on Sep 26, 2014 in Law Posts

Ask any applicant, “What is the hardest part of the law school application,” and she will likely respond: “the personal statement.” No sane person enjoys trying to describe everything important about herself in a single essay, or really, in any format. Good writing – and editing- is always painful, and when you are the topic, […]

Dealing with Negatives on Your Law School Application

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We were excited to be invited to contribute to PowerScore’s 2014 Law School Admissions Guide.  The below article is reprinted from there.  You can order your own copy of the entire guide at You’ve taken the LSAT, registered with LSAC, talked with your professors about letters of recommendation, and now you are ready to […]

Ask a Law School Admissions Expert (reprinted from Varsity Tutors)

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Varsity Tutors brings you insider tips and advice straight from nationally recognized admissions experts. Christina Taber-Kewene attended Stanford University and Columbia Law School, in addition to working for 10 years in New York City and Europe as a commercial litigator. She has been published extensively on the topics of extra-territorial jurisdiction, discovery of evidence outside […]

Interview with Michelle Mumford, Assistant Dean of Admissions at BYU Law School

AA: Dean Mumford, thank you so much for your time in giving this interview. First, can you tell us what sets BYU law school apart from other law schools? MM: BYU Law School is definitely unique for a variety of reasons. We are consistently ranked a top value law school – one of the few […]

Ask a Law School Admissions Expert: Andrea Kilpatrick

Note – this is a reprinted interview we conducted with our partner, Varsity Tutors.   VT: How much time should be set aside to adequately prepare for and complete a Law School application?   Andrea: The time dedicated to completing an application varies by student. For most applicants, we suggest beginning the process a couple of […]