Harvard Business School MBA Essay Analysis: 2012 – 2013

Per usual, HBS has kicked off the admissions season with their essays.  This year, HBS has made a significant departure from the past with significantly shorter essays (800 words total (not including the post-interview reflection) vs. 2000 words last year), elimination of two “standard” essays and the addition of a reflection essay after the interview […]

Goizueta School of Business 2011-2012 Essay Reviews

OK, so you love Chick-Fila-A, you insist on diet Coke and you only do your home improvement shopping at Home Depot.  Clearly Atlanta is a good fit for b-school, but there is that one thing in your way — gaining acceptance to Emory.  That is where Admit Advantage can help.  These essays provide a real […]

MIT Sloan School of Management 2011-2012 Essay Reviews

  So you have a perfect score on your SAT, you enjoy going to circuitry conferences in your spare time and you met your significant other in the library—MIT is clearly the place for you, right?  Undergrad, perhaps, but not exactly for the business school.  One look at MIT Sloan’s 2011-2012 essay questions and you’ll […]

Columbia GSB 2011-2012 Essay Reviews

CBS’ essays have changed a fair amount since last year with the addition of one essay and refreshing of the other two.  Question 1 focuses more on yNow and the CBS fit as it relates to your ST and LT goals; last year’s essays were more focused on your ST and LT goals.  Question 2 […]

Kellogg School of Business 2011-2012 Essay Reviews

Kellogg is probably best known for its marketing program, but nearly equally publicized is its focus on teamwork and leadership.  The Kellogg MBA essays reflect this focus as the topics inquire about your leadership experiences, how others perceive you and your differentiating factors.  Map out a plan for what you want to focus on and […]

Wharton School of Business 2011-2012 Essay Reviews

The Wharton School of Business is certainly near and dear to the hearts of the founders of Admit Advantage having walked the halls of Huntsman Hall for two (very short) years.   Wharton is certainly known for their analytical bent, so make sure you highlight areas of your background and career where you have demonstrated analytical […]

Stanford GSB Essay Reviews 2011-2012

Stanford GSB is generally somewhat unique in its essay questions.  They genuinely attempt to get to know your personality and interests to see what makes you tick.  In essay 1, almost like a law school personal statement, they want to know what matters most to you and why.  In essay 2, they want to dig […]

Harvard Business School 2011-2012 Essay Review

Admit Advantage’s of the Harvard Business School 2011-2012 MBA essays. Don’t start your HBS MBA application without taking a look here first! www.admitadvantage.com for a free consultation.

Beat the GMAT Guest Writer: ‘Be succinct, but responsive!”

Our friends (and partner), The Princeton Review, invited us to guest-write a few blog entries for them on Beat the GMAT.  We give a big thank you to them!  One topic that plagues so many applicants we see is their struggle with being concise with an essay, but still fully-responsive.   Sometimes, it can feel like being […]

Chicago (Booth) Essay Analysis

Overview: Booth is known for their unique application because of their famous Power Point question.  Not intended to be a plug for Microsoft (I hope they received a royalty), the question is a way to encourage you to think creatively about how to deliver your brand and differentiated message.  The application also includes some of […]