Planning for the MBA? Is an MBA the right choice right out of undergrad?

Synopsis:  No…most of the time.  Yes, we’re hedging, but what in this world is absolute? It’s amazing to us how many prospects we see that graduate from college and are laser-focused on getting an MBA.  The majority of the time, these MBA candidates can’t tell us why they want to go to business school outside […]

Fantasy Football – The Secret to MBA Admission?

Fantasy Football – The Secret to MBA Admission?

The “every down back” equivalent for MBA admissions is the candidate that has it all – performance at work, a strong academic background, good test scores, personal successes and triumphs, community impact, youthful good looks (okay- this isn’t totally necessary – just dress well).

Excel in your job and your community

Every day, prospective clients call, email or ask us what they can do to most improve their candidacy.  Most times, these MBA applicants are solely focused on ways to address their GPA (see our essay on “Building an alternative transcript) or taking the GMAT for a second, third, or fourth time.  Curiously to us, there […]