Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Friends Advice

Posted by on Jun 16, 2015 in Business Posts, Graduate School, University Posts

Top 5 reasons why you don’t want to get advice from your friends during the admissions process.

Making the Most of Your Summer – Before Senior Year

Posted by on Jun 11, 2015 in University Posts

The summer is finally here. Time to kick back and relax before the final push of your high school career, right? Unfortunately, I think this notion was generated in the same rumor mill that would have you believe that senior year is a time to coast. The reality is that if you are applying to […]

Trip to HEC Paris

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As my taxi navigates the wide and bustling street of Paris and the taxi driver mumbled that he hoped I had enough Euros, I quickly realized that my trip from the Rue de Castiglione to HEC Paris would be no ordinary trip. It wasn’t. 45 minutes and thousands of stooping trees later, my driver turned […]

Interview with University of Richmond School of Law Admissions Director, Dean Michelle Rahman

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Interview with University of Richmond School of Law Director of Admissions, Dean Michelle L. Rahman AA: Dean Rahman, thank you so much for your time in giving this interview. As a long-time Associate Dean of Admissions, what changes have you observed in the admissions field in the time you have served in the admissions office? […]

Saturday, we had a great event with The MBA Tour in Toronto.  Big “thank you’s” to the good people over there including Maureen, Graham and Kevin who helped us with the set-up of our table.  Importantly, November 8th also marked the release of Admit.me beta in a public venue.    All I can say is “Yes!!!” […]

A few quick tips for the college admissions process

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Note – this is a repost of an interview we conducted with our partner, Varsity Tutors. Varsity Tutors brings you insider tips and advice straight from nationally recognized admissions experts. Kofi Kankam is the co-founder of Admit Advantage, a leading admissions consulting company that provides admissions assistance for college, MBA, and law school applicants. He […]

Choosing the Right MBA Program – It’s All About Fit

When I was applying to business school, I wanted to make sure I got in somewhere. I applied to 7 schools ranging from the selective to the very selective, and I hoped one of them would come through. When the decisions came in, I found that I had gained admission to the two highest ranked […]

Candidate Q&A: A trade-off between experience & GMAT score

A question from a prospective MBA candidate: I’m concerned about my GMAT score.  I know there is a trade-off between work experience and GMAT and I’m trying to find the balance.  What would be the ideal experience in years that B-schools would consider for lower GMAT scores? Please let me know. Admit Advantage: I think […]

Demonstrate how you will contribute to the school

Today, we found ourselves chatting with multiple clients who were focused so intently on everything they were going to take from their MBA programs (including roommates’ jewelry – kidding…) that they weren’t paying attention to what admissions officers are obsessed with:  How will this person enhance or contribute to the school? Every program, and certainly […]

An alum is going to get me in!

As MBA admissions consultants we frequently talk to MBA candidates that are confident that someone they know can get them into the business school of their choice.  Their manager is an alum, their best friend is a 2nd year student, or their uncle has his name on one of the bricks in the courtyard of […]