Saturday, we had a great event with The MBA Tour in Toronto.  Big “thank you’s” to the good people over there including Maureen, Graham and Kevin who helped us with the set-up of our table.  Importantly, November 8th also marked the release of beta in a public venue.    All I can say is “Yes!!!” […]

Not just for nerds – MIT Sloan Essay Analysis

Not just for nerds – MIT Sloan Essay Analysis

So you have a perfect score on your SAT, you enjoy going to circuitry conferences in your spare time and you met your significant other in the library—MIT is clearly the place for you, right?  Undergrad, perhaps, but not exactly for business school.  One look at MIT Sloan’s 2013-2014 essay questions and you’ll see the […]

Stanford Graduate School of Business – 2013-2014 Essay Analysis

Stanford GSB is generally somewhat unique in its essay questions.  They genuinely attempt to get to know your personality and interests to see what makes you tick.  In essay 1, almost like a law school personal statement, they want to know what matters most to you and why.  In essay 2, they want to dig […]

The “New York Advantage” – We’ve got Columbia Business School Covered

Columbia Business School’s essays have been modified a bit from last year, but the information they are trying to elicit remains the same: Why is CBS a good fit for you?  What are your career plans? How can you differentiate yourself from other candidates?  The short answer question asks you to articulate your career goals, […]

HBS releases their application and we analyze

That’s right– Harvard Business School’s 2013-2014 essays are out, and it’s not even time to put on shorts, at least where I live (stop bragging, SoCal/Florida).  Thus the trend continues: the season continues to start earlier and earlier.  Soon enough, we’ll be starting essay questions around Valentine’s Day!  Enough admissions banter…on to business. HBS continues […]

Choosing the Right MBA Program – It’s All About Fit

When I was applying to business school, I wanted to make sure I got in somewhere. I applied to 7 schools ranging from the selective to the very selective, and I hoped one of them would come through. When the decisions came in, I found that I had gained admission to the two highest ranked […]

Candidate Q&A: A trade-off between experience & GMAT score

A question from a prospective MBA candidate: I’m concerned about my GMAT score.  I know there is a trade-off between work experience and GMAT and I’m trying to find the balance.  What would be the ideal experience in years that B-schools would consider for lower GMAT scores? Please let me know. Admit Advantage: I think […]

Demonstrate how you will contribute to the school

Today, we found ourselves chatting with multiple clients who were focused so intently on everything they were going to take from their MBA programs (including roommates’ jewelry – kidding…) that they weren’t paying attention to what admissions officers are obsessed with:  How will this person enhance or contribute to the school? Every program, and certainly […]

An alum is going to get me in!

As MBA admissions consultants we frequently talk to MBA candidates that are confident that someone they know can get them into the business school of their choice.  Their manager is an alum, their best friend is a 2nd year student, or their uncle has his name on one of the bricks in the courtyard of […]

Planning for the MBA? Is an MBA the right choice right out of undergrad?

Synopsis:  No…most of the time.  Yes, we’re hedging, but what in this world is absolute? It’s amazing to us how many prospects we see that graduate from college and are laser-focused on getting an MBA.  The majority of the time, these MBA candidates can’t tell us why they want to go to business school outside […]