Demonstrate how you will contribute to the school

Today, we found ourselves chatting with multiple clients who were focused so intently on everything they were going to take from their MBA programs (including roommates’ jewelry – kidding…) that they weren’t paying attention to what admissions officers are obsessed with:  How will this person enhance or contribute to the school? Every program, and certainly […]

An alum is going to get me in!

As MBA admissions consultants we frequently talk to MBA candidates that are confident that someone they know can get them into the business school of their choice.  Their manager is an alum, their best friend is a 2nd year student, or their uncle has his name on one of the bricks in the courtyard of […]

Fantasy Football – The Secret to MBA Admission?

Fantasy Football – The Secret to MBA Admission?

The “every down back” equivalent for MBA admissions is the candidate that has it all – performance at work, a strong academic background, good test scores, personal successes and triumphs, community impact, youthful good looks (okay- this isn’t totally necessary – just dress well).

Excel in your job and your community

Every day, prospective clients call, email or ask us what they can do to most improve their candidacy.  Most times, these MBA applicants are solely focused on ways to address their GPA (see our essay on “Building an alternative transcript) or taking the GMAT for a second, third, or fourth time.  Curiously to us, there […]

Chicago Booth MBA Essay Analysis – 2012-2013

Booth is known for their unique application because of their famous presentation question.  it is back.  The application also includes the staple ST/LT goal/yBooth essay along with two new short-answer questions seeking to understand how you think and react to situations. 1. What are your short- and long-term goals, and how will an MBA from […]

Stanford GSB MBA Essay Analysis – 2012-2013

Stanford GSB is generally somewhat unique in its essay questions.  They genuinely attempt to get to know your personality and interests to see what makes you tick.  In essay 1, almost like a law school personal statement, they want to know what matters most to you and why.  In essay 2, they want to dig […]

Wharton MBA Essay Analysis – 2012-2013

The Wharton School of Business is certainly near and dear to the hearts of the founders of Admit Advantage having walked the halls of Huntsman Hall for two (very short) years.   Wharton is certainly known for their analytical bent, so make sure you highlight areas of your background and career where you’ve demonstrated analytical rigor.  […]

Harvard Business School MBA Essay Analysis: 2012 – 2013

Per usual, HBS has kicked off the admissions season with their essays.  This year, HBS has made a significant departure from the past with significantly shorter essays (800 words total (not including the post-interview reflection) vs. 2000 words last year), elimination of two “standard” essays and the addition of a reflection essay after the interview […]

Columbia Business School MBA Essay Analysis – 2012 – 2013

CBS’ essays have been modified a bit since last year with last year’s optional format gone.  They have also allocated a specific number of words for the yNow, yMBA, yColumbia and ST/LT goal essays.  Question 2 wants to dig deeper to get to know you more, so get ready to take a ride down memory […]

Goizueta School of Business 2011-2012 Essay Reviews

OK, so you love Chick-Fila-A, you insist on diet Coke and you only do your home improvement shopping at Home Depot.  Clearly Atlanta is a good fit for b-school, but there is that one thing in your way — gaining acceptance to Emory.  That is where Admit Advantage can help.  These essays provide a real […]