MBA Podcaster: “Getting into the Wharton School”

Co-founder Kofi Kankam provides MBA Application tips and strategies for The Wharton School.

Beat the GMAT Guest Writer: ‘Be succinct, but responsive!”

Our friends (and partner), The Princeton Review, invited us to guest-write a few blog entries for them on Beat the GMAT.  We give a big thank you to them!  One topic that plagues so many applicants we see is their struggle with being concise with an essay, but still fully-responsive.   Sometimes, it can feel like being […]

Quoted on Yahoo’s Associated Content discussing jobs in marketing for MBAs

A few weeks ago, we were asked by a writer for Yahoo’s Associated Content  for our insight on top-paying jobs with a marketing MBA degree.    Generally, you will get a much more detailed overview of the opportunities by reviewing the actual MBA programs’ job placement stats, but this summary article is a good start.   While you may not be […]

MBA Podcaster: “Access MBA Admissions Panel”

Co-founder Eric Allen provides general MBA admissions advice for applicants.

Beat the GMAT Guest Writer: How to beat a bad GPA

Today was an interesting morning – four candidates with stellar professional experience –  two who were charismatic, and two who were a bit more introverted.  All were exceptionally nice.  However, they were unified in each having GPAs which were sub-optimal for the top-tier MBA programs they are trying to get into.  I felt like a […]

Quoted in Yahoo’s Associated Content discussing financial services jobs for MBAs

It seems that we have some friends at Yahoo’s Associated Content.  Okay – one, but we’ll take it.  Recently, we shared some ideas on the opportunities in financial services for MBAs which typically attract about 40% to 50% of top-tier MBA alumni.   The industries recruit heavily, offer a great skill set, and help to take […]

Featured in Chubbybrain: Should I start a company or go to business school?

So many candidates, especially those with a strong idea to start a company or those between jobs, struggle with this question.   Watching your bank balance rise twice a month as you receive paychecks is dandy, but which one of us have not dreamed of storming into our boss’ office, tossing our laptop at his or […]