The Economist – Which MBA? Online Fair – 2/6/12

Our friends at The Economist are hosting an online fair for all of you who promised yourself this would be the year that you pursued your MBA and want to get an early start.  On February 6th and February 7th, you can attend their MBA fair without having to leave your office! Register free or […]

Columbia GSB 2011-2012 Essay Reviews

CBS’ essays have changed a fair amount since last year with the addition of one essay and refreshing of the other two.  Question 1 focuses more on yNow and the CBS fit as it relates to your ST and LT goals; last year’s essays were more focused on your ST and LT goals.  Question 2 […]

B-School overseas? It’s complicated

Continuing our analysis of Businessweek’s “Best Business Schools 2010”, their annual journal, we take a look at their overarching themes for their article on international programs.   While there are many motifs and ideas raised by the article, a central one is the difficulty that students who are seeking jobs in Europe are having as they […]

A return to the fundamentals

Posted by on Nov 24, 2010 in Schools in Focus, Why pursue an MBA?

Businessweek has authored a series of articles around its recent release of its annual ranking journal, Best Business Schools 2010, which highlight relevant trends in MBA programs that contributed to their individual rankings.  While only those who live in a bubble or on Sir Richard Branson’s island are unaware of the state of the economy, […]

Featured in Chubbybrain: Should I start a company or go to business school?

So many candidates, especially those with a strong idea to start a company or those between jobs, struggle with this question.   Watching your bank balance rise twice a month as you receive paychecks is dandy, but which one of us have not dreamed of storming into our boss’ office, tossing our laptop at his or […]