The Indian School of Business (ISB) – In their own words

Field trip? Yes!  Hyderabad? Even better!  The beautiful city, located in the central east portion of India, is known for its spicy cuisine, Hindi-Islam mixture of culture, amazing corporate campuses and… The Indian School of Business (ISB) .   Mesmerized by the chance to leave the densely populated circus of NYC and the bone-chilling winter weather, […]

B-School overseas? It’s complicated

Continuing our analysis of Businessweek’s “Best Business Schools 2010”, their annual journal, we take a look at their overarching themes for their article on international programs.   While there are many motifs and ideas raised by the article, a central one is the difficulty that students who are seeking jobs in Europe are having as they […]

Holidays and the GMAT – a wonderful combo

Pumpkins recently showed up in grocery stores, reminding us all that summer is over and fall is here.  Soon, screaming children will show up at our doorstep demanding candy with threats of eggs and toilet paper all over the house,  the turkeys will arrive, and before you know it, it’s time for the Menorahs, Christmas […]

Getting into business school is getting easier?

Businessweek recently released an intriguing article entitled “Admission to Top B-Schools Gets Easier” –  The article addresses the acceptance rates at some of the top MBA programs in the country.  Certainly the title piqued our interest, but before you whip through the Stanford app with your 610 GMAT score, let’s reviews a few interesting […]

Candidate Q&A: What qualifies as work experience?

A question from a prospective MBA candidate: Thanks for helping us out.  I had some questions on work experience What is considered as work experience? If during my bachelors/masters I worked part time to pay for my education, would that be counted as work experience?  What kind of part-time work experience can help my profile?  […]

Quoted on Yahoo’s Associated Content discussing jobs in marketing for MBAs

A few weeks ago, we were asked by a writer for Yahoo’s Associated Content  for our insight on top-paying jobs with a marketing MBA degree.    Generally, you will get a much more detailed overview of the opportunities by reviewing the actual MBA programs’ job placement stats, but this summary article is a good start.   While you may not be […]

Chicago (Booth) Essay Analysis

Overview: Booth is known for their unique application because of their famous Power Point question.  Not intended to be a plug for Microsoft (I hope they received a royalty), the question is a way to encourage you to think creatively about how to deliver your brand and differentiated message.  The application also includes some of […]

Darthmouth (Tuck) Essay Analysis: 2010 – 2011

Overview:  Tuck has a well-balanced set of essay questions.  Think about the importance of teamwork and leadership when organizing the Tuck essays.  They will want to see demonstrated leadership skills, and how you interact in a team setting.  Essays 2 and 3 give you a great opportunity to express your leadership skills while Essay 4 […]

Stanford Essay Analysis: 2010 – 2011

Overview:  It is certainly important for you to think very introspectively during the application process and with this set of essay questions; Stanford seeks to get inside your mind to understand what’s important to you, how you think and your career aspirations.  With applications like these, it is very important to do some brainstorming before […]

MIT (Sloan) Essay Review: 2010 – 2011

Overview:  MIT Sloan’s application probes for what they are looking for in Sloan students: people who have made an impact in their career, taken active leadership roles, and are innovative in their approach to attacking business problems.  These essays are relatively short (500 words), but give you the opportunity to really sell your differentiating characteristics.  […]