G.P.A. is the real differentiator for MBA admissions

Now that I have your attention, it’s not Grade Point Average, silly, it’s G.P.A: Great Impact, Persistence and Aptitude that are real differentiators for MBA admissions. Great Impact OK, I admit it – I took the easy way out and cheated on my “G”. Hiding “impact” behind “great” was kind of like choosing Kentucky in […]

Saturday, we had a great event with The MBA Tour in Toronto.  Big “thank you’s” to the good people over there including Maureen, Graham and Kevin who helped us with the set-up of our table.  Importantly, November 8th also marked the release of Admit.me beta in a public venue.    All I can say is “Yes!!!” […]

Loving Locust Walk!  Wharton Essay Analysis:  2013 – 2014

Loving Locust Walk! Wharton Essay Analysis: 2013 – 2014

The Wharton School of Business is certainly near and dear to the hearts of the founders of Admit Advantage having walked the halls of Huntsman for two (very short) years.   Wharton is certainly known for their analytical bent, so make sure you highlight areas of your background and career where you’ve demonstrated analytical rigor.  The […]

Good times & a great education in Austin! UT Austin Essay Analysis: 2013 – 2014

Don’t mess with Texas McCombs!  McCombs is a unique MBA program combining a small, tight-knit group of MBA students in a young, vibrant city (Austin, TX) with a program focused on building the next set of global leaders.  McCombs is built on four key pillars:  1) Knowledge and understanding; 2) Responsibility and integrity; 3) Communication […]

A Midwestern Dream! Kellogg Essay Analysis: 2013 – 2014

Kellogg is probably best known for its marketing program, but nearly equally publicized is its focus on teamwork and leadership.  The Kellogg MBA essays reflect this focus as the topics inquire about your leadership experiences, how others perceive you, and your differentiating factors.  Map out a plan for what you want to focus on and […]

Ask a Law School Admissions Expert: Andrea Kilpatrick

Note – this is a reprinted interview we conducted with our partner, Varsity Tutors.   VT: How much time should be set aside to adequately prepare for and complete a Law School application?   Andrea: The time dedicated to completing an application varies by student. For most applicants, we suggest beginning the process a couple of […]

Choosing the Right MBA Program – It’s All About Fit

When I was applying to business school, I wanted to make sure I got in somewhere. I applied to 7 schools ranging from the selective to the very selective, and I hoped one of them would come through. When the decisions came in, I found that I had gained admission to the two highest ranked […]

Demonstrate how you will contribute to the school

Today, we found ourselves chatting with multiple clients who were focused so intently on everything they were going to take from their MBA programs (including roommates’ jewelry – kidding…) that they weren’t paying attention to what admissions officers are obsessed with:  How will this person enhance or contribute to the school? Every program, and certainly […]

Fantasy Football – The Secret to MBA Admission?

Fantasy Football – The Secret to MBA Admission?

The “every down back” equivalent for MBA admissions is the candidate that has it all – performance at work, a strong academic background, good test scores, personal successes and triumphs, community impact, youthful good looks (okay- this isn’t totally necessary – just dress well).

Excel in your job and your community

Every day, prospective clients call, email or ask us what they can do to most improve their candidacy.  Most times, these MBA applicants are solely focused on ways to address their GPA (see our essay on “Building an alternative transcript) or taking the GMAT for a second, third, or fourth time.  Curiously to us, there […]